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Housing Selection 2017–18

You have the rest of your life to live off-campus!

Current Students

All upperclass students interested in selecting a housing assignment for 2017–18 must complete the online Housing Intent Form.

Form Deadline: Friday, March 17, 2017

Students who miss the deadline will not be eligible to participate in Housing Selection Day and will have to wait until other students complete the housing selection process before they may select housing.

First-Year & New Transfer Students

First-Year and new transfer students planning to live on campus should submit the New Student Housing Application Form.

Form Deadline: June 1st 

Roommate preferences will be accepted up to 24 hours after June Orientation. More information will be sent by mail in spring 2017.


All full-time students are eligible to live in University housing including Women’s College, Graduate, and School of Pharmacy students. Only currently enrolled students may participate in Housing Selection.

Separate Process

There is a separate housing selection process for students that are:

  • currently withdrawn;
  • on a Leave of Absence;
  • going to be re-admitted in the fall;
  • studying abroad; and
  • new incoming first-year and transfer students.

Forming a Roommate or Suitemate Group

Students are encouraged to form roommate or suitemate groups to participate in Housing Selection, but may also apply as individuals.

Selection Order

Complete roommate or suitemate groups will be given priority in housing selection before incomplete groups and individuals. This will help increase the chances that friends and compatible roommates can live together and limit the number of random roommates and suitemates as best as possible.

Selection Order for Groups

The selection order of complete roommate groups will be determined by:

  • Average Earned Academic Credits (does not include currently enrolled credits) of group members
  • Number of Members in the Group
    • 1st - Groups of four or more students
    • 2nd - Groups of 2 students
    • 3rd - Individual students

Applying as a Group

Choose to participate in housing selection as a group to improve your chances of living with friends or compatible suitemates! Groups can only be formed with currently enrolled students (See Eligibility).

Group Types

The number of people corresponds to the number of beds in the various suite types.

  • Suitemates (4-person groups)
  • Roommates (2-person groups)

Note: A group of 4 will have priority to select over a group of two.


Applying as an Individual – Rising Sophomores and Juniors

Students who do not have a preferred suitemate and roommate group will be able to apply as an individual. If an individual finds a roommate after the application deadline, but before selection, there may still be an opportunity to form a group.

Housing Selection

Individual Selections occurs after group selection is complete on Housing Selection Day. Some individuals may be able to select a single room; many others will select double or triple rooms and will be assigned random suitemates and/or roommates.

Rising Seniors 

As a rising senior, you may apply to live in Doyle Hall.

  1. Complete the Housing Intent Form.
  2. Attend Housing Selection Day to select a room in Doyle Hall.

Double Rooms

There will be a limited number of double rooms in Doyle Hall and Meletia Hall for roommate groups consisting of two rising seniors.

Meletia Hall

Rising seniors who are placed in Doyle Hall during Housing Selection but wish to live in Meletia can submit an Early Room Change Request Form. As spaces in Meletia Hall become available, rising seniors will be provided with an opportunity to change residence halls. Changes will likely occur over the summer after first-year housing placement has been completed. 

Housing Accommodations 

Students with a current medical accommodation or seeking a medical accommodation for housing must submit the Housing Accommodation Form (PDF) with appropriate documentation from their doctor to the Office of Disability Support Services by emailing Laura Mathabel at lmathabel@ndm.edu

Form & Documentation Deadline: Friday, March 17, 2017

This includes students with current medical housing accommodations.