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Health Services at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Knowing that you will be able to receive the services you need in the event of a sickness or injury while attending Notre Dame of Maryland University is critically important to your overall academic experience. Your University is committed to supporting you, our student, in both your academic success and overall wellness.

Important Forms and Information

NDMU Vaccination Form

Release of Information Form

Recommendations for Institutional Prematriculation Immunizations

Additional Health and Wellness Resources


American Pharmacist Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) Articles

Skin and Sunscreen-Preventing Sunburn and Skin Cancer

Eating Disorder and Its Relation to Social Media

What do you need to know about the fall season and your health?

The Patient First Fall Ailments brochure answers many of the commonly asked questions about fall ailments, including, “what’s the difference between a cold and allergy symptoms,” “how long does a cold last,” and “what if my cold seems to be getting worse or I develop other symptoms?” You can pick up a copy of the brochure at the Patient First Medical Center.  It can also be viewed by clicking here

The Patient First Flu Prevention and Treatment brochure helps you prepare for this flu season. It provides information about the symptoms and complications of flu, how the flu is spread, and what can be done to prevent spreading or getting flu. You can pick up a copy of the brochure at the Patient First Medical Center. It can also be viewed by clicking here


Student Health 101 E-Magazine

Notre Dame of Maryland University is pleased to announce the launch of Student Health 101--an e-magazine that provides interesting topics, trends, and tips regarding health and wellness for Notre Dame students! To view the most current student issue, please click on the image below:

Student Health 101 E-Magazine

For more health resources, click HERE.

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