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Notre Dame Day

Notre Dame Day 2017-Lead On

Notre Dame Day History

The first record of Notre Dame Day is in the handwriting of Mary Meletia Foley, SSND, and is dated March 25, 1901. It tells of a celebration highlighting the double dedication inherent in our name, which honors Notre Dame, Our Lady, and Maryland, our state. Happily, the two converge on one date: March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation of the Angel to Mary, and Maryland Day, the day colonists came to St. Mary’s. 

Thereafter, the day was observed intermittently, but a general pattern remained. In 1953, it became a structured experience in liberal arts education. Faculty and students participated in across-the-curriculum classes that placed Mary in the historical and theological context of her time and timelessness. 

In 1968, the name changed from Annunciation Day to Notre Dame Day, and the focus of the classes broadened to include any choice of subject. This ended in 1971.

In 1989, the University revived the old custom. Today, Notre Dame Day is a time to celebrate our common purpose, to remember our rich heritage, and to recognize the achievements of the University community.

Notre Dame Day 2017 Award Recipients

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Recipient Name

Distinguished Staff Award  Mary Burch Harmon
SSND Mission and Ministry Award  Brian Berry
Service-Learning Faculty Advocate Award  Maria Mouratidis
Mary Anne O'Donnell Team Academic Achievement Award  2015-16 Swim Team with a cumulative team GPA of 3.408
Fall 2016 Dean's List

Summara Abaid
Erin Alford
Ray Alsalka
Abigail Anderson
Cleaya Antes
Sarah Arafat
Amirah Arafat
Bryanela Ayala
Aisha Azhar
Kantria Baker
Gerriza Balmes
Cristina Barrios-Lopez
Heather Barry
Samantha Bell
Rosemond Benn
Moira Berzins
Ter'race Blake
Arrecka Bouknight
Chavonne Bowen

Margaret Boylston

Melissa Bradbury

Macie Bucher

Kiera Cancelrivera

Micah Castelo

Diana Cayetano-Salinas

Sarah Connolly

Helen Contreras

Domonikue Covington

Victoria Cox

Julia D Alessandro

Valentina Dallasta

Mary Davis

Madalyn Dewling

Adam Diallo

Brenda Diazdelvalle

Abigail Dibert

Cathryanna Dorsey

Andrea Doten

Lillian Doyle

Shannon Edwards

Kylie Eldridge

Jennifer Erisman

Khrystelle Estrella

Sierra Farrare

Aylia Fatima

Shavonne Fitzgerald

Brittney Funk

Ndella Galiba

Sharon Garnett

Tonya Gibson

Arielle Gibson

Robyn Githui

Elizabeth Grasso

Lauren Gray

Alexandra Guerrero

Samantha Guntz

Ashley Guy

Rhea Lynne Guzman

Renee Hajnik

Ke'lani Hall

Emily Hallameyer

Meagan Hastings

Sarah Hawkins

Molly Helie

Kristina Hogston

Naudiyajana Hopkins

Julie Horn

Ashley Huerta Osores

Kelsey Hundt

Natalie Jarian

Briana Johnson

Roselyn Jones

Esther Jones

Christa Jordan

Jean Jun

Jaimee Kaiser

Karen Kehring

Trista Keller

Krystina Ketter

Kristin Kneller

Christine Kruse

Samantha Larrimore

Casey Laursen

Maura Leonard

Rainbow Lewis

Marie Lilly

Li-Yen Lin

Catherine Lopez

Danae Mars

Yenifer Matamoros

Nora McAteer

Raeden McCullough

Kaitlin McInerney

Karla Medrano

Amy Melendez

Lesly Mendoza

Alicia Merson

Alexandra Mezza

Kelsey Mitchell

Megan Morales

Alexis Morgan

Samantha Morquecho

Keira Mull

Maria Del Pilar Munoz

Anna Muscolino

Carrie Naylor

Chinwendu Nwokeabia

Victoria Oji

Katelynn Olson

Uloaku Onwumelu

Emmanuella Oyogoa

Ariel Palmisano

Brenda Paradis

Loren Pardoe

Grace Park

Ashley Pasker

Prutha Patel

Shannon Patrick

April Payes-Nascimento

Margaret Pedersen

Amy Peterman

Sarah Post

Maria-Gayle Prieto

Jessica Profilio

Saba Qaiser

Danielle Quintavalle

Diana Ramirez

Lyndsay Rehak

Maria Renaud

Christa Riffle

Fathima Rimzan

Christine Anne Roa

Stephanie Roche

Jeannette Rosales Blanco

Rebecca Rothhaas

Tyiss Rothwell

Gabrielle Ryan

Sania Saeed

Katherine Salim

Adamary Sanchez-Martinez

Kaitlyn Sansbury

Christina Schell

Rose Sebastian

Courtney Shreve

Brittany Shughart

Amy Simon

Marion Smedberg

Natalie Smith

Brittany Smith

Alice Snyder

Ruth Sofi

Kaitlyn Sommer

Lorelie Soriano

Summer Stevens

Courtney Strength

Salome Svanidze

Rachael Swanson

Fareeha Syed

Lindsey Szczybor

Kelly Tandan

Sarishma Thapa

Hannah Thomas

Elizabeth Tran

Andrea Urdaneta

Sierra Vancek

Justice Walrath

Jamie Washington

Mary Claire Waterman

Lindsey Webb

Kashay Webb

Jessica Wells

Alexandra Whelan

Allyson Whitacre

Karen Williams

Tavia Williams

Nia Willis

Molly Wolanski

Megan Wood

Hannah Woodworth

Nathalie Yap

Jin Hee Yi

Catherine Znamirowski

Many thanks to our Notre Dame Day 2017 Committee members for their assistance with planning this great traditional event!

Notre Dame Day 2017 Committee
Dana Akerberg
Melodie Barton
Dawn Bradshaw
Michelle Evans,Chair
Christian Kendzierski
Shannon Raum
S. Linda Stilling, SSND
Gary Thrift

Additional gratitude to members of Conference Services, Custodial Services, and Dining Services for their assistance in Notre Dame Day 2017!