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Global Solidarity Committee

Furthering the mission and vision of the School Sisters of Notre Dame Shalom Network

The mission of the Global Solidarity Committee (GSC) is to design and implement plans to address peace issues and global concerns that align with SSND values and educational vision and that support the strategic vision of the University.

As co-chairs, S. Sharon Kanis SSND and S. Catherine Sarther SSND, along with committee members, engage, support and identify Notre Dame initiatives and work closely with the SSND UN-NGO and the SSND Shalom network of sponsored institutions.

Shalom is the term we use to describe our SSND international network for justice, peace, and integrity of creation. Shalom is the Hebrew word for Peace and implies restoring all things to their right order or original integrity. More than 3,500 sisters, associates, and friends of SSND across five continents make up the Shalom Network, which seeks:

  • reconciliation,
  • solidarity with the oppressed,
  • the promotion of human dignity, and
  • collaboration with ecological movements to safeguard Earth.

As you plan future classes or programs consider incorporating the above values.

You can learn more by visiting http://www.gerhardinger.org/english/jpicsen/shalomnetwork/ jpicshalomeng.htm and www.ssnd.org

To learn more about the SSND UN NGO, please visit http://www.gerhardinger.org/english/jpicsen/unngo/jpicssndatunen.htm

We look forward to working with departments, offices and institutes across schools and campus. The GSC would like to partner with you on efforts and events and celebrate and highlight your accomplishments that further the above visions. Shalom.

NDMU the First University in Md. Granted United Nations NGO Status

Notre Dame of Maryland University has been granted non-governmental organization status by the United Nations’ Department of Public Information, the first Maryland university to receive the designation.

Notre Dame was one of 18 NGOs approved for association with the UN-DPI at the most recent meeting of its Committee for Association. There are a total of 1,419 NGOs worldwide associated with the UN-DPI, and about two dozen of them are American colleges or universities.

“Our new strategic plan places an emphasis on global partnership, so we are thrilled to receive NGO status with the United Nations,” said NDMU President Marylou Yam, Ph.D. “We believe that our association with the UN is consistent with our mission to ‘educate leaders to transform the world’. Our faculty and students will have opportunities for greater participation the UN and these experiences will enrich our academic community.”

Read the news release.

NDMU Delegation to the 2015 UN Commission on the Status of Women

A group of faculty and students from Notre Dame of Maryland University joined the delegation of School Sisters of Notre Dame at the meeting of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York as the CSW addressed the issues of gender equality and the empowerment of women. The Notre Dame delegation included Sister Sharon Kanis, SSND; Associate Professor Susan Barber; and students Elikem Yorm Kudjawu, Kelly Coons, Jussara Kramer, Beth Hancock, Samantha Dameron, Jennifer Ashwell, Mia Diamond, Megan Donegan and Barbara Newman. This year’s delegation from NDMU included undergraduates as well as graduate students, and two students who attended the meeting for the second time. Below are some of their reflections on their experience.