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Alfred D'Agostino

Headshot: Alfred D'Agostino

Professor - Chemistry

Office: Knott Science 220C

School: Arts and Sciences

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry (Surfaces/Interface), Utah State University
M.S. Chemistry (Solid State Inorganic), Rutgers University
B.S. Chemistry (Analyticak), Fordham University

Research Interests:
Surface and interface science and analysis (XPS and AES), electrochemistry of SAM and CNT modified surfaces, thin film electrode resistivity.
Research Associate Professor of Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University
Faculty Research Fellow: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; NASA John Glenn Research Center; AFOSR-, Wright Laboratory, WP AFB

Professional Affiliations & Memberships:
American Chemical Society

"Photoenhancement and Photoquenching of the 0.08 eV EL2 Photoluminescent Emission in GaAs Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy at Low Temperature", Phys. Rev. 

"Determination of Thin Film Thickness by X Ray Diffractometry Using the Scherrer
Equation, Atomic Absorption Analysis and Visible Transmission/Reflection Spectroscopy", Analytica Chimica Acta

"The Effect of Surface Reconstruction on the Capacitance of Au (100) Surfaces", Electrochimica Acta

"Characterization of Gold/Carbon Superfine Particles Produced in Pulsed Laser Stimulated Plasmas", Journal of  Vacuum Science and Technology B

"Observation of Systematic Electrochemically Induced Binding Energy Shift in the XPS Spectra of Emersed Cs+ Double Layer Species", Surf. Science