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Why a Women's College?

Consider the road less taken. Dare to be different. Choose a women’s college.

As a student at Notre Dame, you will discover the numerous advantages of attending a women’s college. You will join a campus family of talented and dedicated women who eagerly embrace leadership opportunities and immerse themselves in academics—especially in more traditionally male-dominated fields. With the encouragement of professors who are invested in your future, you will thrive in a vibrant learning and cultural environment. If you have any questions, please contact the admissions office at: 410-532-5330 or admiss@ndm.edu.

Just Look at the Research

The most current data from the National Survey of Student Engagement shows:

  • First-year students and seniors at women’s colleges report challenging academic experiences and more integrative learning.
  • First-year students at women’s colleges perceive greater support for success.
  • Women’s colleges are more “transfer-friendly.”
  • Women’s colleges support high student-faculty interaction leading to positive educational difference for women students.
  • Classroom conditions at women’s colleges are created that encourage first-year students and seniors to collaborate more with peers, actively participate in class and integrate ideas.
  • An environment is fostered in women’s colleges that fuels women’s understanding of self and others, working with others; skills associated with career success and leadership.
  • Because of the academic environment, women’s college graduates tend to rise to positions of major leadership more than graduates of coeducational institutions.
  • Women’s colleges help students develop quantitative skills and facilitate opportunities to interact around differences.
  • First-year students and seniors at women’s colleges have scored higher on the NSSE measures of active and collaborative learning; they also interacted more often with faculty and participated in more integrative learning—activities that require integrating acquired knowledge, skills, and competencies into a meaningful whole.
  • Graduates of women’s colleges go on to become scientists, or workers in quantitatively based disciplines such as mathematics in far greater percentages than their female counterparts who graduate from coeducational institutions. 

After Graduation, Women’s College Alumnae:

  • achieve higher career levels and earn larger salaries
  • are more likely to choose and succeed in male-dominated fields such as medicine, engineering and law
  • are six times more likely to be on the boards of Fortune 1000 companies
  • are more than twice as likely to receive doctoral degrees
  • are twice as likely to be named in Who's Who in America
  • are more likely to assume leadership positions during their careers
  • tend to be more involved in philanthropy after college

You Won't Sacrifice Your Social Life

Worried that studying at a women’s college means you’ll never meet guys your age? Notre Dame students say you’ll find them everywhere but in the classroom.
But you won’t find this extraordinary, transformative experience everywhere: Notre Dame is the women’s college in the state of Maryland.
Note: Some information compiled by the Women's College Coalition from independent research sources.