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Scholarships are an attractive way to pay for college because you don’t need to pay them back. Considered to be gift aid, scholarship awards may range from a few hundred dollars to covering the full tuition bill.

Scholarships are offered by many organizations, including the State of Maryland, the University, and external private sources. There is a lot of free money out there, you just have to start hunting!

Scholarship Application Know How

So you've hunted for all the free money you can.  Now the big question is, how do you tackle all those applications? Writing essay after essay for countless scholarship applications can be tough.  Below are some links to some tips and samples to help you put the best scholarship application together so you get the most money possible!

Scholarship Application Resources

Top 10 Tips to a WINNING Scholarship Application  
Action Words for Awesome Applications  
Sample Cover Letter Format  
Sample Essays & Cover Letters   
Sample Thank You Letter Format  
Winning a Scholarship: Quick Reference Guide from FastWeb 

Still need help?  There are some great resources on campus to help you out!

Academic and Career Enrichment Center (ACE)
ACE can help you polish your resume 

Writing Center
The writing Center is a great resource if you are struggling with writer's block or just want another pair of eyes tolook over your essay.