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Image: Women's College Summer Sessions

Women's College Summer Sessions

The courses you requested are now open for registration!

Summer Sessions, Maymester, and Winterim are great opportunities to fulfill general education requirements and get ahead in your major. Many students who take advantage of these additional terms have even completed enough credits to graduate early!


  • Term 1: May 22 - June 30
  • Term 2: July 5 - August 18 


All current Women's College students that register for Summer Term will receive a guaranteed scholarship to assist with summer tuition costs.

Financial Aid

A portion of your annual financial aid may be available for summer if you are enrolled at least half-time throughout the entire summer semester. (In some cases, Federal Pell Grant may be awarded if enrollment is less than half-time.)

Contact your financial aid counselor at finaid@ndm.edu or 410-532-5369 for more information.

Summer Benefits

  • Access to fitness center and library
  • Campus housing available
  • On-campus employment
  • Close to area internships
  • Opportunity to connect with international students on campus for the summer
  • Summer trips and activities

How to Register

  1. Search for Course Sessions
    • Select "Students" tab
    • Click "Search for Sections" under the Registration section
    • Enter "Summer 2017 (Summer 1 or 2)" under Term, "Main Campus" under Location, and "Undergraduate" under Academic Level and click Submit.
  2. Register with your advisor
  3. Complete an enrollment form in the registrar's office

Available Courses

Summer Term 1

Archeological Tour of Greece
Watercolor Painting: Landscapes
Chesapeake Bay
Principles of Marketing
International Business
Project Management
Tech for Instruction and Management
Educational Psychology
Processes and Acquisition of Reading
American Education in Historical Perspectives
Assessment of Reading

Short Fiction
History of the Holocaust
Counting, Chance & Statistics
Writing for Professionals
Spirituality/Nursing Practice
Introduction to Philosophy
Themes: Philosophy & Film
Intro to Biblical Studies
World Religions
Special Education for the Classroom Teacher
Communication Skills Special Educator

Summer Term 2

Genetics & Genomics/Clinical Practice
Topic: Crisis Leadership/Antar/Zombie
Technology for Instruction and Management
Dynamics of History
Women in Islamic Societies
Writing for Professionals
Introduction to Philosophy

Medical Ethics
Intro to Biblical Studies
World Religions
Methods for Teaching Students with Special Needs
Special Education for the Classroom Teacher