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Master of Arts in Contemporary Communication

Professional training in digital and social media, and public relations.


The Master of Arts in Contemporary Communication is an interdisciplinary program for students seeking graduate education in new communication approaches. The program allows students options to explore their interests and goals ranging from development of communication skills in new media to entrepreneurial communication.

Through their coursework, students learn to bring critical analysis, creative insights, technological competence, and new media skills to their endeavors in communication. The curriculum prepares students for careers as effective, strategically-oriented communications professionals by providing them with a set of essential communication skills enhanced by knowledge of new communication technologies.

The M.A. in Contemporary Communication produces graduates who can write clear, purposeful, audience-oriented communications and apply creative approaches to communications planning and problem solving. Job opportunities for students who complete the program include positions in public relations, organizational communication, website and social media development—some of the most rapidly-growing segments of the professional communication field.

In addition to the face-to-face course offerings at Notre Dame’s main campus, the Contemporary Communication program has a fully online option for students interested in exploring this mode of course delivery. The online program provides learners with flexible degree completion options that allow them to further their educations while continuing to pursue their careers and lives. Students may complete the degree totally through face-to-face courses, totally through online courses or through a combination of both. Consultation with an advisor will help the student determine which mode is best.

The curriculum includes 36 credits, with two required courses and other choices from Communication, Computer Studies, Art, English, and Philosophy.