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About the Program

The writing program is designed to offer the student an opportunity to enhance her writing and thinking skills, to focus on a dimension of writing that most interests her, to prepare for multiple careers that require writing, and to complement her studies with the indispensable skill of writing.


This major is completed only in conjunction with another disciplinary program of study as part of a double major. In that way, the writing program is designed to pair any major offered in the School of Arts, Sciences, and Business with an intensive writing curriculum.

Through this pairing, students learn to assess writing situations in a variety of contexts, developing practical strategies to accomplish writing tasks effectively and an understanding that clear thinking and specific objectives are fundamental to clear writing.

To pursue a writing major, students must complete all requirements for the major in their chosen discipline, along with the coursework stipulated for the writing program. Students in the program will be invited to join the Notre Dame Writer's Circle, which provides priority access to the best writing internships and meetings with regionally and nationally recognized authors through the Eichner Endowed Writers Series. Students in the Writers' Circle may earn credits toward the dual major as staff members of Nore Dame student media, including the college newspaper and literary journal. Writers' Circle members also meet, share and workshop their material with other students.

Because the program provides students in any field of study with the skills to write professionally, it is excellent preparation for a variety of careers. Effective writing skills are highly sought after by employers in fields such as technical and scientific communication, online writing, information design, public relations, advertising, editing, grant writing, journalism and advocacy work.