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Department: Women's Studies

Women's Studies

About the Program

The women’s studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that examines women’s lives, perspectives and experiences.

Through scholarship by and/or about women and the study of feminist theories and research methodologies, you will develop an intellectual framework through which to examine gender as a social, cultural and historical construct.

Our students explore the way gender interacts with other socially constructed categories such as race, class, nationality, sexual orientation and identity (including religion, ethnicity and age) that have often been used as the basis for discrimination. You will examine the impact of these categories on your own experiences, and be prepared to participate in the processes of social change that would promote the full development of all women and men.

A minor in women’s studies can benefit students in a variety of careers including art, business, communication, counseling, education, health, journalism, law, music, politics, psychology, public policy, religion, social services and sports.

The minor in women’s studies consists of seven courses and 21 credits, including IDS-150 Introduction to Women’s Studies and IDS-440 Seminar in Women’s Studies. Of the five remaining courses, no more than two may be from the same discipline, all must be at the 200 level or above, and three of the five must be at the 300/400 level.

Courses taken to fulfill general education requirements, and two courses from the student’s major, may be counted toward the women’s studies minor.

A student wishing to minor in women’s studies is encouraged to meet with the program coordinator or another member of the Women’s Studies Advisory Committee to design an appropriate program of study to complement her major.