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Department: Peace and Justice Studies

Peace and Justice Studies

About the Program

Studying peace engenders an understanding of compassion, loving kindness, equanimity, and concern for justice, equity, fairness and respect.

The peace and justice studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that examines harmonious, pacific and interdependent relations with humans and other species. It includes attitudinal/affective, cognitive and evaluative components. It increases consciousness about nonviolent attitudes, beliefs and actions.

In addition to fostering an understanding of the roots of violence and inequity, peace and justice studies also teaches antidotes to violence and inequity. It leads to recognition of the roles of greed, hatred, fear, separation and objectification in promoting violence and inequitable relations. It directs the student to increased awareness of programs that address these issues and opportunities to act as a more responsible global citizen.

A minor in peace and justice studies can benefit students in a variety of careers including political science, public policy, the law, religion, counseling, conflict resolution, environmental issues, sociology, journalism, communication, history and ethics.