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Department: Entry-Level BSN

Entry-Level BSN

About the Program

Notre Dame will change your life and the lives of the patients who count on you!


Our entry-level, four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing is for non-nurses who wish to study in the Women's College. Students who are accepted into pre-nursing take general education and science courses in their first and second years. During the second year, students apply to become nursing majors and study in the School of Nursing, Women's College division during their junior and senior years.

Notre Dame's program is small enough to transform individual students through reflective practice, engaging and challenging class discussions, hands-on experiences and faculty mentoring. Yet it is large enough to help transform the world through service-learning and study abroad.


Nursing and the teaching of nursing is a journey through deep caring connections with patients, students, colleagues, and the discipline of nursing. Nursing is imagined and known through caring authentic presence with others and multiple ways of knowing. Nursing is a presence to life lived with those entrusted to our care, a beacon, attentive to the extraordinary in the mundane and boldly entering questions of meaning. All stories of individuals and of the discipline are valued as necessary to the growth and advancement of the profession. Healing practice is possible in partnership relationships; nursing creates safe welcoming places, encouraging growth, seeking to understand, and knowing each other’s hearts.

Nurses are called to care through advocacy, action, ‘power-with’ and trusting relationships with persons and groups in diverse settings. Nursing embraces diversity and commitment to social justice. With perseverance and fortitude, caring and compassion are preserved as the ethical foundation of nursing practice and scholarship.

A nursing way of being requires reflective practice, a listening, that allows for meaning-making in all dimensions of academic and practice endeavors. Nursing practice is characterized by thoughtfulness and necessarily lived out with intention. This way of being a School of Nursing in all aspects allows for possibilities for our mission to be realized—educating nurses to transform the world.

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