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Department: Digital Media Arts

Digital Media Arts

Digital Media Arts


The Digital Media Arts major offers a solid foundation in technology, a rich creative background in the arts, and the communication skills necessary to convey ideas in the digital realm. The curriculum is interdisciplinary, including courses from the art, computer studies and communication arts departments.

The graduate in digital media arts will be able to: create digital art to assist individuals and businesses in achieving goals through effective communication; demonstrate the ability to analyze and apply communication theories, skills and best practices; use technology to address visual communication challenges; recognize the moral and ethical issues and concerns related to the interpretation of art and technology; develop an aesthetic sense; and work effectively as an individual and as a member of a corporate creative team.

Students will complete much of their work in the campus digital media lab, equipped with Macintosh computers and software. The campus video, art and photography studios also support instruction in this program.

As the culminating experience in the major, students complete a practicum, which is an intensive, advanced internship. During the spring of senior year, they are placed in an entry-level position in an area business in order to refine their professional competencies as they prepare to begin their careers.