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Department: Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication

About the Program


Organizations and their managers face many challenges in a world that is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Effective, timely and accurate communication networks, communication processes and information management are critical strategic imperatives for every organization. The Internet, global markets and 24/7 competition place increased importance on the manager's role in communication and information management in every organization, from the largest corporations, to the entrepreneurial start-up, to the government agency, to the university or to the non-profit sector.

Integrating courses in business, communication arts and computer studies, the major in Corporate Communication prepares students to succeed in managerial positions in diverse types of organizations. Using their expertise in technology, graduates of this program are able to communicate effectively through organizational channels and to exercise leadership in helping organizations achieve desired strategic goals.

The educational goals of the corporate communication major are as follows:

  • Provide a multidisciplinary curriculum based in the liberal arts
  • Prepare students for the complexities of managing communication and information technology in today's organizations
  • Present a unique and diversified curriculum that will prepare students for professional positions and provide current professionals with opportunities for career advancement
  • Expose students to the ethical standards required in the management and communication of information

The curriculum supports students who aspire to management roles in diverse organizational areas, such as communication, information technology, entrepreneurship and administration. This degree program has direct linkages to positions in training and development, public administration, business, customer services, institutional administration, education, sales, marketing, consulting, operations, information technology and strategic planning.

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