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Department: Communication Arts

Communication Arts

About the Department


The communication arts major provides an intensive study of communication between and among persons—face-to-face, via the mass media, and in cyberspace. The curriculum provides the student with both a theoretical background and basic competency in modern communication strategies and technologies. It also develops the student's skills in communicating effectively in print, in visuals, in speech, and with diverse types of media.

The mission of the department is to enable students to be both effective creators and astute consumers of communication messages within our increasingly complex, technological society.

The communication arts curriculum includes professionally oriented courses in such disciplines as:

  • TV and Radio Production
  • Publication Editing and Design
  • Film Criticism
  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • The World Wide Web
  • Corporate Communication

Students may elect course work in broadcast production, print media writing and other specialties. Students may also earn credit as staff members or managers for Columns (the campus newspaper), WCND-Radio or WCND-TV.
All majors of the communication arts department graduate with on-the-job experience as a result of the department's inclusion of relevant work experience through internships and required senior practicum.

The department also offers a minor in communication arts.
Departmental facilities include:

  • a color video studio
  • digital field cameras
  • a computer-based audio and video editing suite
  • a campus tv station and video cable network
  • a campus radio station

Communications Arts Faculty in the News

Dr. Stacey Peterson Discusses the King Legacy

Stacey A. Peterson, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair of Communication Arts, appeared on the Monday, Jan. 19 edition of the Mark Steiner Show on WEAA-FM (88.9) as part of a panel that discussed recognizing Dr. Martin L. King  Jr. as one of the most important philosophical and spiritual figures in American history.

Listen to the podcast.