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Department: Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral Neuroscience

About the Program


The behavioral neuroscience major is designed to serve those students interested in the biological basis of behavior with primary emphasis on brain-behavior relationships. The program provides a core of biology, chemistry and experimental psychology with an overview of clinical psychology courses. Emphasis is placed on biological and psychological research techniques. In her junior and senior year, a student will integrate the two areas in her practicum, a field experience designed to fit each student’s specific interest. The behavioral neuroscience major prepares the student for graduate work in the growing field of neuroscience or immediate entry into a career as a research technician. With the addition of two semesters of physics, the behavioral neuroscience major is excellent preparation for medical school, veterinary school or graduate school. Those students interested in medical or veterinary school are provided with further specialized advising to prepare them for competitive admissions to such programs.

Behavioral neuroscience majors are required to have a minimum of a C grade in all required courses for their major. Due to the need for carefully scripted movement through the prerequisites and laboratory courses, students with an interest in this program should contact the coordinator in their first year to facilitate graduation in four years.

Program Contact: Maria Mouratidis