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Department: Asian Studies

Asian Studies

Asian Studies

The study of Asia, fascinating in itself, can lead to careers in business, government, teaching, journalism and more.


Alison Dray-Novey, Ph.D. (Notre Dame of Maryland University)
R. Keith Schoppa, Ph.D. (Loyola University in Maryland)

Asian civilizations are a major part of human experience. Moreover, they are today the home of dynamic modern and modernizing societies whose power is growing.

The Notre Dame-Loyola program in Asian studies allows students in any major field to declare a minor devoted to Asia. This program is administered jointly by the two Universities through the Asian Studies Coordinating Committee.

In the Asian studies minor, students learn how different disciplines bring their methodologies to bear on the study of Asia. Students deal with the applicability of concepts originating in Western experience (e.g. "feudalism" or "the Protestant ethic" or "impressionism") to Asia. They also study the potential of Asian experience to contribute to universal knowledge by challenging or modifying Western concepts, often gaining a better understanding of Western culture.