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The Notre Dame experience is, in a word, transformational. Here, our current students and graduates share the ways that NDMU has transformed their lives.

School of Arts, Sciences, and Business School of Pharmacy
School of Nursing School of Education

School of Arts, Sciences, and Business

"Thanks to the Career Center I have a job lined up as soon as I graduate in May 2016. This past spring, I attended an NDMU career fair and met with the Norfolk Police Department. That led to new connections and networking, including a collegial relationship with the Sargent. I applied for an internship, and after a background check, polygraph, drug test and fingerprinting, I became an intern with the department. This gave me a foot in the door for my future. I am allowed to do ride-alongs and experience on-site calls because of my internship. And thanks to the Notre Dame career fair and the Career Center, I now have a spot in the July 2016 Norfolk Police Academy.

I want to work for a police department because it is going to be the start of my career as a detective and also the start of my career before possibly going into the FBI. I want to help and protect people in my community and make it a better place to live."

Tawny Cevora, '16 (Women's College: Criminology)

Photograph of a Women's College student in lab"During my time at Notre Dame I have been able to study abroad in Ireland and Japan, both of which were amazing experiences. These trips complemented my studies in a philosophy, a discipline that emphasizes critical thinking and well-formed arguments, by showing the importance of attempting to understand issues from multiple perspectives to gain a more complete view of the truth. I have also learned the importance of balancing knowledge with compassion—two important ingredients for social justice!"

Samantha Dameron, '15 (Women's College: Philosophy)

My experience at Notre Dame has been unforgettable. It has been one of great triumph, tremendous happiness, and wonderful memories. The words “thank you” are not enough when it comes to the amount of opportunities and privileges that have been offered to me during my time at Notre Dame. They are too numerous to mention. The faculty and staff have been amazing in supporting me in my journey. They have encouraged me and guided me in the steps I should take to advance myself in my college career.
     As I am looking forward to my graduation day, I reflect on the leader, the Notre Dame woman, I have become. Notre Dame has been extremely influential in my career path. The experience has taught me to embrace the unknown and never take opportunities for granted. Along with the support I had on campus, I have had equal, if not more, support from my family. It will be the greatest joy in my life to have them in the audience on my graduation day and see me walk across the stage to receive my diploma. All the experiences at Notre Dame will be all worthwhile as I see the joy and happiness in my family’s eyes! The Notre Dame experience has been something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life!

Victoria Meadows, '15 (Women's College: Biology)

"Notre Dame is the kind of place where professors will pull out their kayak to use for sledding on a snow day (Don’t worry, Dr. Kerr, I won’t tell anyone!) or take you to the roof of Knott science building to observe the galaxy: that is, to experience what life has to offer on the ground while giving you the ability to reach for the stars. I will never forget the kindness and genuine concern that the faculty and staff have shown for their students, encouraging us to work hard while taking out time to simply enjoy life."

Amal Malik '15 (Women's College: Mathematics)

“The Public Relations Management course was my favorite.  Coming from journalism, I didn’t have much experience in that area and needed it for my career.  The structure of the online course worked great.  The professor was very organized but allowed for creativity.  Sometimes creativity is stifled in online courses, but this professor supported and celebrated our ideas.  Teaching an online course is difficult, and she made it fun an engaging.  Overall, going through the program has made me more outgoing and confident in my career.”

Tamika Carey 15, (College of Graduate Studies, Contemporary Communications)


It was 21 years ago that I was moving into Doyle Hall! Ladies, this is your time. Take advantage of all the Notre Dame has to offer. Enjoy this new chapter in your life! I credit Notre Dame for helping build the foundation of my success within my career, and I’m hoping you will too!

Elizabeth Higgins Frost ’97 (Women's College: Psychology)‬‬‬‬


From the moment I stepped on campus, I knew Notre Dame was the school for me. The faculty was wonderful and welcoming and the campus quaint and lovely. Upon arriving for freshman move-in, my fellow dorm mates and classmates were fun and lively. I loved every moment at CND (which it was called in the early ’90s). It was an incredible time in my life.

Cara Blom Walen ’95 (Women's College: History)

Four years at Notre Dame made the notion that women can do anything self-evident. It provided me with a sisterhood of friends that will forever support me and teachers that always challenged me. Today, I succeed because this is the foundation of both my leadership and my academic strengths.

Stina M.E. Fangmark Tucker ’01 (Women's College: Biology)

Nothing made me happier than on my wedding day, exactly ten years after I graduated, to look out at the wedding guests and see the smiling faces of my dearest friends that I met at Notre Dame. In the time that passed since graduation, each of us took a different path in life from earning a Ph.D. and becoming an aquatic biologist for the United States Army to becoming a Vice President for a pharmaceutical company. All of them have become amazing mothers to beautiful children. Some of us moved away from the Maryland area, but one thing remains the same: we still come together to share the joys and struggles of life.
     There are so many things that make this a special place—the faculty, the friendships, the communities and organizations that will help you discover and follow your passion.

Tara Mathew Sahu ’01 (Women's College: Business/Economics)

It was during my four years at Notre Dame that I discovered that I could do whatever I had set my mind to because of the encouragement of the Notre Dame community. In the classroom I was given the opportunity to discover new and exciting topics. As a liberal arts school, Notre Dame exposed me to every subject in every discipline, from sociology to chemistry to music history. This holistic approach to learning creates women who are well-rounded and open-minded.
     Beyond the classroom, I also found family and confidence on the field. I played sports all four years at Notre Dame and discovered that athletics have a funny way of bringing out the leader in you. On and off the field my teammates were my sisters. When I graduated and became a coach at Notre Dame, my players were my daughters. To this day I still see them as my sisters and my daughters, and I still consider Notre Dame a part of my family.
     Between the classroom, the field, and many other opportunities, Notre Dame gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. After graduating from Notre Dame I worked for the Family Violence Unit for six years advocating for victims of domestic violence in the criminal justice system. I completed my master’s degree at the University of Baltimore in Legal and Ethical studies, and I am currently in my second year at the University of Baltimore School of Law. I truly believe that my experience at a liberal arts women’s college gave me tools to be successful and prepared me to recognize and overcome the challenges faced in today’s world.

Dianna Abramowski-Liberto ’06 (Women's College: Criminology/Forensic psychology)

My experience at Notre Dame was, simply put, outstanding. I developed a strong relationship with my professors, who knew my name just a few weeks into my freshman year. Some even knew me on day one! Their mentoring provided some of the most valuable insight I received during my college years and made me the woman scientist I am today. With the solid foundation I learned from Notre Dame, I gained the confidence I have today to conquer anything the world throws at me!

Tess Maseda Meyer ’13 (Women's College: Biology)

School of Nursing

Photograph of two nursing students examining a virtual patientThe past two years have been filled with time-consuming readings, group projects and endless reflective writings. We have grown mentally, gained a wealth of knowledge and built lasting relationships with colleagues while here at Notre Dame. The program has taught us many things, but one stands out more than any other: reflection. Albert Einstein stated, “Without deep reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people.” Without this reflection, we as master’s-prepared nurses will not know our true meaning, our true purpose in the realm of nursing. We can now strive for intellectual and professional excellence as our school’s mission statement says. I believe I can speak for the whole class when I say I am thankful to have been a part of this program, thankful to have met all faculty and staff, and thankful to be a Notre Dame nurse.

Nicole George, MSN’14

Notre Dame welcomed me as a transfer and is helping me start my nursing career. They offer endless opportunities and provide supportive instructors.

Zoe Travers, Women’s College student in School of Nursing, Class of 2015

This has been a tremendous opportunity. The ease of access to classes at the hospital, the caliber of the instructors, and the quality of the program at NDMU have been more than I expected. They promote an experience that is both professional and personal. I would not say it was easy, but it is extremely rewarding. Absolutely the best way to go.

Julie Blackburn, BSN’09

The MSN program offers a holistic and valuable learning experience in the classroom, as well as in the clinical setting. The structure of a one-night-per-week class worked well with my demanding schedule at home, work, and church. It also provided an opportunity to network and build lasting relationships with nursing colleagues from areas hospitals. I am better nurse professional because of this Notre Dame experience.

Michelle Johnson, MSN’14

I chose Notre Dame of Maryland University for many reasons, but primarily because of the convenience, affordability, and reputation of the school’s nursing program. While I was in the BSN program, I was able to take classes with my coworkers on the campus of the hospital that I worked at one night a week, which allowed me to still work full-time as a staff nurse. My employer also had a partnership with the school to provide additional financial assistance, which made the program very affordable.
     I chose to continue with Notre Dame of Maryland University for my MSN degree because I had such a great experience with the BSN program and I had developed a rapport with many of the nursing instructors. I feel that both the BSN program and MSN program really helped prepare me for the leadership role that I am in today, and I would highly recommend Notre Dame of Maryland University to anyone looking to advance in their career.

Mary Beth Tubiolo, BSN’06, MSN’09

Deciding to go to school in Baltimore was a huge decision for a California girl like me. But the welcoming environment, great student-to-teacher ratio, beautiful campus, and competitive athletic program ensured me that I made the right decision. Just one year at Notre Dame has helped me build my foundation by not only challenging my academic capabilities, but also by testing my character. I am now more confident in my abilities and certain that anything is possible with hard work, willingness to learn, and a positive attitude.

Cleaya Marie Antes, Women’s College student in the School of Nursing, Class of 2017

School of Pharmacy

Photograph of School of Pharmacy students workingThrough AdvoCaring and co-curricular activities at Notre Dame, I have realized that the education and training that pharmacists undergo are truly essential in educating and serving the community. I have also realized that their education and training can go beyond the confines of a pharmacy. They can be very influential by serving the community, especially the underserved.

Michelle Mae A. Tandoc, Class of 2016

Notre Dame of Maryland University’s School of Pharmacy has lived up to my standards of being a great learning environment. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have professors and clinical staff that truly care about your individual success, and NDMU SOP delivers this on a daily basis.

Courtney Lanehart, Class of 2017

After almost three years in this pharmacy school, I have held a variety of leadership positions, I have improved my interpersonal skills, and I became an advocate for what I love. As a pharmacy student at Notre Dame of Maryland University, I didn’t just become a better student pharmacist—I became a better person in all aspects of my life.
     This school has given me the opportunity to learn how to manage time so that I can excel in school but still maintain relationships, how to work with others by adapting to different learning and working styles, how to be compassionate to others because I know we all are dealing with our own difficulties, and how to smile through everything and to work with passion. Passion is something that cannot be taught, but it can be built on. This school teaches us to live and work with passion, which enables all students to care for others.

Alexandra Lowery, Class of 2015

I am pursuing a career in community pharmacy post-graduation for it will allow me to play an integral part in the lives of members of my community. I knew that I wanted to be a community pharmacist before I got to NDMU, but the direct patient care skills I have learned here I know will make me be the most effective communicator of medication use and safety as possible to my patients. NDMU offers a unique emphasis on these skills, stressing them from the moment you walk through the doors as a P1 student. The profession as a whole is moving more toward patient care, and NDMU and its innovative curriculum are at the forefront of providing that education to its students.

Patrick Donohue, Pharm.D.’13

School of Education

Photograph of School of Education student working with childrenNotre Dame prepared me to be a well-rounded leader both in the classroom and in the community. I developed a true sense of professionalism while learning at Notre Dame that enables me to back up my views and educational opinions with concrete facts. I learned how to value all types of cultures and differences, which changed my approach when dealing with parents and administrators. Furthermore, Notre Dame provided me with a solid foundation in leadership theories, which is essential when dealing with different types of situations and people.

Christian Slattery Sr. M’12

Notre Dame prepared me for engagement with the educational world by inculcating my mind with the most current research and best practices in respective areas of education. The university also taught me how to be a reflective practitioner, which allows me to perform my own professional development on the way to becoming a better teacher. Notre Dame's motto is about truth and the pursuit of truth. To that end, Notre Dame has taught me the irreplaceable, immutable, and incomparable value of truth and education.

Joshua Parker M’10

It has been a wonderful experience to study at Notre Dame and complete my internship at the Harford County Public Schools. The teachers and administrators at each institution genuinely cared about the program and the participants. I particularly wish to thank [director of post-baccalaureate teacher certification] Paula Simon and [coordinator of field placement] Russ Holmes, as well as [School of Education Dean] Sharon Slear, SSND. They each took an active interest in my graduate school education and played a significant role in my success in the Master of Arts in Teaching program.

Danielle Post Lopinski, Class of 2016, M.A. in Leadership in Teaching 

I have been hired by Baltimore County Public Schools as an Elementary classroom teacher. Thank you so much for all of your help and placing me at Johnnycake for my internship. It was a fantastic school and a great learning experience. I started this school year feeling prepared and knowledgeable about what was ahead. I intend to finish my Master's degree at Notre Dame as well. Thank you again.

Charlotte Ricks, Class of 2015, M.A. in Leadership in Teaching